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USA Today Best Selling Author Lexxi James' Ruthless Gamesr
USA Today Best Selling Author Lexxi James' Ruthless Games Alternate Cover

Ruthless Wars

Book 2 in the Ruthless Billionaires Club

Power plays are hard.
Trying to one up the stranger who banged me senseless last night? Definitely harder.

Do you believe in fate?
I was stranded on a deserted stretch of highway late one night.
A stranger with broad shoulders and smoldering eyes saved me. Got me back on my way. To my flight out of the country. And all he asked for in return was a kiss.

That was a year ago.
I never thought I'd see him again.

Imagine my surprise to see those same smoldering eyes flirting with me across a negotiation table. But I have to focus. Stand my ground. Keep my family's company safe.

And even though my number's unlisted, he just texted me.
And his sinful smile keeps daring me to answer it.
But we're in a crowded boardroom.
With a hundred-million-dollars on the line.
What could he possibly want?


Romantic Suspense


Billionaire Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Military Romance

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Reader Reviews

"This is one book I found impossible to put down from beginning to end.”
- Tesh, Goodreads

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