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USA Today Best Selling Author Lexxi James' Ruthless Gamesr
USA Today Best Selling Author Lexxi James' Ruthless Games Alternate Cover

Ruthless Love

Book 3 in the Ruthless Billionaires Club

There are three men in my life, and I don't know what to do.

I'm engaged to be married.
To a man I don't love.
He's hot, rich, and won't take no for an answer, no matter how many times I break up with him.
Oh, and he just might be the Russian mob.
It was arranged by my father.
The one who thinks the world is his chess board...
And I'm his biggest pawn.

But there's a third man in my life.
The one I can't avoid.
The one who doesn't know I exist.
The gorgeous guy across the street who wears the sexiest smile and very little else.

So, I've watched a little more than I should.
But who can blame me?
His tattoos are distracting.
And I need a distraction.

I never imagined...
All this time...
He's been watching my back.


Romantic Suspense


Billionaire Romance, Friends to Lovers, Military Romance

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Reader Reviews

“Omg I just couldn’t put it down I loved the whole story the characters just love love it. It’s a must read.”
- Jeanne K., Goodreads

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