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Book 2 in the Alex Drake Series

This billionaire will risk losing everything. Everything but her.

Thirty days.
That's how long it takes to get to know a billionaire in his natural habitat.
Move in with him. Get to know him better. Discover the real Alex Drake.
At least, that's what he told Madison Taylor.

Thirty days.
To earn her trust.
To peel back her defenses.
To unravel her desires.
And to let her in on a little secret.

The reason she's in his life.

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Romantic Suspense


Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense, Grumpy Meets Sunshine


Reader Reviews

“This book will take you on a tailspin! It's a page turner from beginning to end.” - Christine B., Goodreads “The book hangover I know I’ll be feeling tomorrow will be so worth it."
- Fiona F., Goodreads

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