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Angel's Share

Book 6 in the Alex Drake Series

To the world, I'm the devil.

Wealth and power, greed and lust--buttoned up in a five-figure suit.
Where hell is my playground,
And sins keep me warm.

But if every sinner deserves redemption, I'm about to collect.
Because make no mistake,
Madison is mine--heart, halo and all.

Where others sees scars, she sees survival.
Where others find a villain, she sees a hero.

And if anyone thinks I'm letting her slip through my fingers,
Please, place your f*cking bets…
Because nothing will come between me and my wife,

And nothing draws the devil like a girl in a halo.

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Romantic Suspense


Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense, Grumpy Meets Sunshine


Reader Reviews

“Lexxi James outdid herself with Angel's Share, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
- Jennifer P., Goodreads

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