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A fiery heiress. A global empire.
And a hot billionaire hiding in plain sight.


"The suspense, the sexiness, the intrigue, it’s so good!"

Amazon Reviewer


"Full of drama, suspense, and a twist I wasn't prepared for"

We Like Them Dark Book Blog

Jaclyn wants just one thing. To be the next CEO of Long Multinational. Her father's company. The one he's ready to sell. The one she's determined to keep. And the one Mr. Black is ready to buy.

Meet Davis R. Black ... aka Richard. Some know him as a tech mogul. To Jaclyn, he's the King of the A-holes. Which is why this billionaire is hiding his in plain sight.

Because if she knew who he was, there's no way she'd let him get close. She'd never date him. Or kiss him. And she sure as hell wouldn't lose her ever-loving mind from the taste of his lips or the sin of his touch

Would she?


"#AMAZING … f-bomb worthy twists"

Bookbub Reviewer


"Full of surprises, twists, and turns"

Goodreads Reviewer


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Ruthless Billionaire's


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