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Ruthless Games

Series: Ruthless Billionaires Club, Book #1

Tropes: Billionaire Romance, Second Chance Romance, Enemies to Lovers

Meet Davis R. Black …

Please, call me Richard. I'm normally a level-headed billionaire tech mogul, but the world is off-kilter. I'm going out of my ever loving mind, and it's all because of her.

Jaclyn Long. Beauty and brains. And the heart of my new obsession.

She doesn't remember the first time we met. It's better that way. I mean, if you ask the media, or pretty much anyone at all, I'm not exactly "boyfriend material." More like the King of the A-holes according to Jaclyn. That's a direct quote.

And if she knew who I was, there's no way she'd let me get close. Slide in, so to speak. She'd never date me. Or kiss me. Hell, I'd be lucky if she didn't kick me in the nuts and run for the hills.

But there's one small problem ... I'm a man on a mission. And that mission is to get as close to that star-on-the-rise CEO as I can.

In a way that she won't see me coming...


"The suspense, the sexiness, the intrigue, it’s so good!"

~ Amazon Reviewer


"Full of drama, suspense, and a twist I wasn't prepared for"

~ We Like Them Dark Book Blog

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