The Books of Lexxi James

When seclusive billionaire Alex Drake sets his sights on Madison, obsession takes over.

Unlocking his world was easy.

Seducing her was inevitable.

But securing her heart might be impossible.

He's ready to give in to her every desire except for one.

The only thing she wants.

An answer.

To a tiny question.

Why her?

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A sexy heiress. A global empire. In this high stakes game, it's winner takes all.

To get what he wants, he'll break every rule.

Because this is a game,

And if there's one thing he loves…

It's winning.

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For Jake Russo, abandoning the past became his only future.

But he had one cross to bear.

Watching over Kathryn Chase . . . in secret to pay back a debt.

Now she's seeking a Master—it has to be him.

And if someone's targeting her, he'll take them down. 

At the end of the day, a new Dom will emerge.

Ready to protect what's his.