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Fine Print, & The legal blah blah blah



There’s a lot of cool stuff in my newsletter, right? Sometimes free stuff. Sometimes really ridiculously cheap stuff. But, unconditionally, your trust is my priority. With some books listed, Lexxi James and Lexxi James, LLC may use affiliate links and earn a very small commission from sales of certain items. Seriously, any affiliate links used are literally pennies on the dollar, and don't cover my coffee habit for the month. These links don't affect where the book is placed or what books I include. I try to provide the very best selection of bestsellers and up-and-coming authors. 


As far as royalties go, I get direct royalties for my books and only my books.


Pricing of Books Featured in the Lexxi James Newsletter.


The Lexxi James Newsletter is truly a labor of love and a beautiful way to share my love of books and authors with fellow lovers of steamy romance. To that end, I receive zero dollars for featuring books, and spend countless hours ensuring that the prices featured are accurate. However, there are times when the price changes or is different in different countries. This can happen for many reasons and it is with great sadness when this occurs. Unfortunately, this is not within my control. Rest assured we take great measures to list and represent all works accurately, with a final proof of the newsletter going out between 9:00pm and 11:00pm the night prior. I absolutely apologize if the pricing is not as indicated, and have done absolutely everything possible to ensure accuracy. I wholeheartedly appreciate your understanding.



You might notice as you stroll around my website that I sell one thing. Books. And, only my books. On my website, from time to time, there may be an affiliate link for my very own book, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What does that mean? It means that if I sell a 99-cent book, Amazon tosses me back around 30-cents in direct royalties. Seriously, I gotta sell a whole lotta books to buy a venti cappuccino. But, if I use an affiliate link, I might get a few more cents on that exact same purchase. Literally, like pennies. But, every penny counts in the indie author world and I totally appreciate your support no matter how you buy.

And why, Lexxi, don't you do that in your newsletter and get that high-priced coffee faster? Because it's against Amazon policy for me to do so, and I would never breach my contract with them or betray your trust as an Amazon consumer. You are incredibly valuable to me and I appreciate you. 



I respect your privacy. Any information you provide to Lexxi James, LLC is safeguarded to the best of my ability when you visit my website or any online tools I use. I don't share your information, and I don't sell your data. 


Got questions?


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