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Book 3 in the BOYS of BISHOP MOUNTAIN Series



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Here's the deal. Ever since I assumed control of a multi-billion dollar company to cover for my little sister's honeymoon and when one of my closest friends decided to ditch work to pursue the love of his life, I've been left in charge.

Believe me, the last thing shareholders want is a guy at the helm who may have had a run-in with the law for indecent exposure.

Meanwhile, I've landed a spot on the top 10 eligible bachelor list. And despite my talent for juggling women as if I were the main act at Cirque de Soleil, I'm going cold turkey.

I am not a piece of meat. I mean, I am a piece of meat. A big, savory, twenty-ounce piece of meat. But I'm not only a piece of meat.

I need a break. Well, more like I need a complete escape from the media circus. Which means I need to be left alone for some quality me-time. I need a woman I can trust. But above all else, I need someone who truly gets the importance of personal boundaries.
After all. This is a business arrangement, nothing more. Lucky for me, I know the perfect girl.

Sweet Juliana Spenser.

Jules to her family and friends. Ms. Spenser to me.

Fortunately, she's currently unattached, a proud introvert, believes social media is the devil, and happens to be the baby sister of a man I served with, and—insert heavy sigh—she hates me. As a matter of fact, she hates me a lot.

A New Day. A New Dom.

He thought he could leave it all behind.
Being a soldier. And his life as a Dom.


For Jake Russo, abandoning the past became his only future.

But he had one cross to bear.


Watching over Kathryn Chase . . . in secret. Keeping an eye on this woman.
Her unangelic guardian paying back a debt.

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