The Alex Drake Series



When seclusive billionaire Alex Drake sets his sights on Madison, obsession takes over.

Unlocking his world was easy.

Seducing her was inevitable.

But securing her heart might be impossible.

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One Billionaire. Too Many Secrets.

“The storyline is the bomb! It is chock full of intrigue, action, suspense, steam, and answers to all those burning questions!"

Includes the Three-Book Collection.


Everyone Has Secrets

Alex Drake is ready to take his relationship to the next level. Can he risk it all by shedding light on the secrets he’s spent a decade burying?

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A sexy heiress. A global empire. In this high stakes game, he'll do anything to win.

He's hot. Charming. Sexy.

And don't forget wealthy.

He can have any woman he wants.

Except one.

Most women look at him like a sugar daddy. Or a baby daddy.

But the way she looked at him was different.

Like he wasn't worth her time.

Well, she just became worth his.

She's smart. Sassy. Slated to be the next CEO.

Her head is on business.

Her curves beg to be touched.

And there's only one way in.


Nothing Burns like an Old Flame

Alex Drake has topped his multi-billion-dollar empire by securing the love of his life. But when an old flame re-enters the picture, can a tough and tenacious Madison discover the truth without getting singed in the seductive crossfire?

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