Welcome to my Lair

Welcome to the hidden world of Lexxi James. Here I'll share behind the scenes stuff I'm working out, let you into the mind of a deranged workaholic with a penchant for steam, and invite you to join in my escapades. 

This will be a private hangout, but not a blog. Feel free to email me or IM me on FB, IG, or Twitter. I usually check them every day or so.

Inside My Mind

A lot of writers use an outline or a standard template called a beat. Those don't work for me because I'm highly visual. I love SEEING how a story lays out, and have storyboarded for years for a lot of projects.

I still remember my first editor asked me to send her an outline. I sent her the image below. I could almost imagine her hanging her head with a slow shake of, "Really?"

The Men of Lexxi James

Can I ever stop looking at men? I know my boyfriend sometimes wishes I would ... and not that he's terribly bothered by it. But whatever I look at has to be shared. That means he's looking at more half-naked hunks than any straight man should! 

For my next book, "Fallen Dom," I've begun working with photographer extraordinaire Wander Aguiar. Want to see what drew me to his work? Here's his latest Twitter post!


Latest Obsession

Right now I'm knee-deep into "Fallen Dom," BUT (and it's definitely a big but) on the heels of that is prequel to the Alex Drake series called "Alter Ego." This will be a perma-freebie only available on my website.

I really wanted a gift to fans of the series, and there's just something about Alex Drake that pulls me back again and again. 

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