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I love letting a mystery unfold. PRETTY PLEASE ~ DO NOT MENTION MARGOT!! (Shhhhhh)



Sometimes reviewers want to include key elements in their review. If you must include a spoiler, (or too much of the storyline) please annotate “Includes Spoilers” at the top of the review. On Goodreads, please click "Includes Spoilers." 5-star rating is the highest, which means that you loved the book.



I'd appreciate you posting your reviews within 10 business days of receiving your Advance Review Copy. 

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Help with Kindle

I didn't receive my book on my Kindle.

No problem. Let's check this first, but contact me with any questions.

Setting your Kindle to accept gmail documents


  1. From your PC, go to your Amazon Account

  2. Go to Manage my Content & Devices

  3. Scroll down and CLICK Personal Document Settings

  4. Scroll down to Approved Personal Document Email List

  5. Click Add a New Approved Email Address below the list

            YOU HAVE 2 OPTIONS

  1. Add     

This lets you accept all gmail docs


  1. If you need to limit the documents you receive, you can choose to add BOTH of the following:



THAT’S IT! You’re ready to received your ARCs directly to your Kindle.

Still have questions?

Help with Loading your ebook to your device

For .mobi

.mobi is the format used by the Amazon Kindle reader (the device as well as the app that you can load on your smartphone or tablet).

Perhaps the easiest way to get a .mobi file into your Kindle is via email.

Amazon provides instructions here on how to do so:

You can also import the file to your Kindle device by plugging it into your computer.

AskLeo explains how here:
(Just scroll down to “Copy it to your Kindle”)

If you are using the Kindle App on a smartphone with the Android OS, read this:

For .epub

.epub is a non-proprietary ebook standard that’s popular on non-Amazon devices.

On Apple devices, you can open .epub files using iBooks. Here’s how:
(This works for iPads as well.)

If you’re using an Android-based smartphone or tablet, then you’ll need an eReader app. ranks their 15 favorites here:

If you’re using a Kobo eReader, here’s how to add .epub files to your device:

If you’re using a Nook, here’s how to add .epub files to your device:

If you’re using a Kindle Fire, you can read .epub files on your device. Here’s how:

If you’re using a Kindle Paperwhite (or another non-tablet Kindle), you’ll need to convert the .epub file to a .mobi file first. Here’s how:

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